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history of the united nations wikipedia - the history of the united nations as an international organization has its origins in world war ii since then its aims and activities have expanded to make it the archetypal international body in the early 21st century, united kingdom history geography facts points of - apart from the land border with the irish republic the united kingdom is surrounded by sea to the south of england and between the united kingdom and france is the english channel the north sea lies to the east to the west of wales and northern england and to the southeast of northern ireland the irish sea separates great britain from ireland while southwestern england the northwestern, united nations history organization functions facts - united nations un international organization established on october 24 1945 the united nations un was the second multipurpose international organization established in the 20th century that was worldwide in scope and membership, model united nations wikipedia - history model un began as a series of student led model league of nations simulations it is believed that the first model league of nations conferences were held in the 1920s before transitioning to model un after the formation of the league s successor organization the united nations in 1945 today some model united nations conferences include simulations of the league of nations among, united kingdom simple english wikipedia the free - the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland simply called the united kingdom or uk is a sovereign country in northern europe it is a constitutional monarchy that is made up of four separate countries england wales scotland and northern ireland it is a member of the european union united nations the commonwealth nato and the g8 it has the fifth largest economy in the world, united kingdom country profile nations online project - background once a great nation at its zenith the british empire stretched over one fourth of the earth s surface now four constituent nations form the united kingdom england scotland wales and northern ireland, culture of united kingdom history people women - history and ethnic relations emergence of the nation the united kingdom was formed by acts of union between england and wales 1536 and england wales and scotland 1707 uniting the three nations under a single monarchy and legislative council parliament in london, united kingdom virtual jewish history tour - great britain table of contents the jewish experience in the united kingdom england wales scotland and northern ireland is one of the longest in the world anglo jewry faced increasing persecution from its entrance into england in 1066 until the expulsion of 1290, angel versetti united nations academia edu - angel versetti united nations economic and social commission for asia and the pacific department department member studies economics law and geography i consult the united nations and other international entities on fostering innovation and, 1944 1945 dumbarton oaks and yalta united nations - representatives of the soviet union the united kingdom and the united states meeting in the opening session of the conference on security organization for peace in the post war world