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solidworks car tutorial master solidworks surfacing and - you will learn how to model your own solidworks car with this step by step video tutorial this how to guide will help you to master solidworks surfacing and complex shape modeling, solidworks car tutorial master solidworks surfacing - have you ever wished to master solidworks surfacing techniques did you ever struggle to find in depth tutorials explaining the fundamentals of complex shapes modelization with solidworks, creo training course learning to design using creo - gain deeper understanding of creo with this creo detail drawings creo advanced assembly level 2 or consider learning creo surfacing with this learn creo surfacing week long intensive or learn advanced assembly extension aax, creo level 7 sheet metal design engine education - several brackets deep drawn form and combination curriculum can be combined with creo surfacing tools for automobile sheet metal functions or for smaller battery contacts to mating components such as sheet metal boxes to house a computer power supply, solidworks demos and videos goengineer - enhance your solidworks skill set and learn at your own pace view expansive video library of solidworks demos created by goengineer product experts, certification what does it really solidworks forums - what does getting certified with solidworks really do for you is finding a better paying job easier is telling the boss that you need a raise and getting one better why should you get certified with solidworks, matlab computational fluid dynamics is the future - the matlab codes written by me are available to use by researchers to access the codes click on the right hand side logo the main focus of these codes is on the fluid dynamics simulations, mae aerospace eng catia ntu open source 2 0 wiki - catia is a cad computer aided design software which is widely used in aerospace industry catia supports multi stages of product development from conceptualization design manufacturing to engineering catia facilitates collaborative engineering across disciplines including surfacing shapde design mechanical engineering equipment and systems engineering, ansys design modeler boolean operations computational - boolean operators are powerful tools that you will need to use at some stage in design modeller to be able to select differnt solids to subtract or add is through using the suppres solid option you can find the body operation option undr the create heading, the 50 best 3d modeling cad software tools pannam - product engineers are designing developing and taking products to market at a dizzying rate today and that s due in part to the advancements in software tools over the past few years 3d cad modeling tools especially have been beneficial to increasing the speed with which product engineers can generate models for tooling prototyping patenting marketing and, ge jet engine bracket challenge engineering design - think you have what it takes to solve some of the toughtest engineering problems on the internet then take a grabcad challenge and join other engineers designers manufacturers and students in professional open engineering challenges