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kodak guide to 35mm photography techniques for better - i purchased the kodak guide to 35mm photography for a friend and being a professional photographer i thought that the national geographic photography field guide secrets to making great pictures would be a perfect source of advanced knowledge for me but i was wrong, amazon com customer reviews kodak guide to 35mm - the kodak guide to 35mm photography is probably one of the best basic books on photography on the market although i photograph free lance for today s photographer magazine and american image press i consider myself an advanced amateur, film photography kodak may resurrect more than time - kodak is already bringing back ektachrome but other types of film could follow suit time has learned, science art and industry kodak - kodak is a technology company focused on imaging we provide directly and through partnerships with other innovative companies hardware software consumables and services to customers in graphic arts commercial print publishing packaging electronic displays entertainment and commercial films and consumer products markets with our world class r amp d capabilities innovative, kodak camera wiki org the free camera encyclopedia - eastman kodak co of rochester new york is an american film maker and camera maker for at least three quarters of the 20th century it played the dominant role in worldwide photography business, a guide on how to shoot street photography on a eric kim - i know a lot of street photographers who have gotten into film recently and have recently invested in film leicas specifically leica m6 s i wanted to write this guide to share everything i personally know about shooting on a film leica based on my 3 years of experience disclaimer i am not a leica expert, mastin labs new kodak everyday preset pack includes - in addition to the base presets that come in the pack mastin labs also includes toning profiles custom white balance settings and grain settings that replicate 35mm and medium format film grain structure, landscape photography tips for better photos shotkit - 10 landscape photography tips methane rising from the thawing soil it s clear that landscape photography is a diverse topic that cannot be easily summarized in one single landscape photography tutorial, origins and history of photography dptips central com - history of photography timeline from its beginnings until the present day ancient times chinese and greek philosophers describe the basic principles of optics and the camera it had been observed as far back as the 5th century bc that camera obscuras meaning darkened rooms had been used to form outside images on walls in darkened rooms by sunlight shining through a small hole, i still shoot film - i still shoot film is a photography blog dedicated to the art of film photography sharing inspiring work from photographers around the globe and providing resources for anyone who wants to help keep, the melbourne film shooter s guide urbanlight - melbourne has a thriving film shooting community whether you are a rusted on believer in the old ways or simply film curious living in or visiting this city gives you an opportunity to buy gear meet other like minded folk or just get your analogue fix