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bill wallace of china jesse c fletcher 9781615070138 - bill wallace served as a medical missionary in china for nearly twenty years before dying as a martyr for his faith his story has inspired christians throughout the world dr wallace was buried in an unmarked grave by the communist army to cover their crime, 50 years after bill wallace and the meaning of heroism - wallace was not the only foreign missionary martyred in china during the tumultuous years of a japanese invasion civil war and the beginnings of communist rule which ended the missionary era, bill wallace of china by jesse c fletcher goodreads - bill wallace was famous for being a man of few words but he did from time to time say something profound one such statement occured during the japanese bombardment of china during wwii we ll do what god wants us to do, bill wallace of china brianhornback com - one book i bought a few years ago is a first print edition 1963 of the broadman press books published book bill wallace of china written by jesse c fletcher bill wallace was a knoxvillian his mother died in bill wallace s early life, bill wallace of china 1967 imdb - bill wallace was a baptist medical missionary to china after wwii this movie tells the story of this modern day saint and the courage he displayed in the face of his communist oppressors when the red chinese put him on trial not a single person would speak against him, shock and awe aka brian s blog bill wallace of china - bill wallace became a good surgeon doctor but felt god s calling on his life to become a medical missionary so bill wallace on september 6 1935 and sailed out of san francisco harbour and went to wuchow china s stout memorial hospital to serve as a medical missionary as part of the foreign mission board, asia for jesus bill wallace of china - bill wallace was unceremoniously beaten and tortured to death in his prison cell he died a martyr to christ at the hands of the communist chinese this is a great book to read