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democracy now democracy now - work with democracy now join democracy now s nyc team democracy now is accepting applications for our full time year long news production fellowship, harvest of empire new film recounts how u s - award winning journalist democracy now co host and author most recently of news for all the people which is just out in paperback this month his book harvest of empire a history of latinos in, how to fix american democracy 38 ideas that get beyond - in his study of 19th century american democracy alexis de tocqueville explained his mission this way i undertook to see not differently but further than the parties and while they are, an american dilemma the negro problem and modern - an american dilemma the negro problem and modern democracy volume 1 black african american studies gunnar myrdal on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers in this landmark effort to understand african american people in the new world gunnar myrdal provides deep insight into the contradictions of american democracy as well as a study of a people within a people, what s the biggest threat to american democracy - democracy s essence is dignity knowing that we count and have a real voice in the voting booth yes but also in other dimensions of life including the economic, to secure the blessings of liberty liberty and american - to secure the blessings of liberty liberty and american federal democracy daniel j elazar the preamble of the constitution of the united states lists six ends to which the constitution is addressed union justice domestic tranquility defense general welfare and liberty, american historical association wikipedia - the american historical association aha is the oldest and largest society of historians and professors of history in the united states founded in 1884 the association promotes historical studies the teaching of history and the preservation of and access to historical materials